NIBC was originally incorporated in September of 1981 and was formed by residents and leaders who aspired to establish self-help programs for residents. These needs still exist today, as affordable access to safe, healthy, stable homes and neighborhoods for low to moderate income families will always be a critical influencer of the overall health and vitality of communities.

NIBC's mission is to promote stable, healthy homes and neighborhoods by providing services and educational programs focused on low to moderate income in the Greater Battle Creek Area.

Goals include:

  • Collaborating to increase overall access to safe and affordable homes and housing
  • Increasing ability of low to moderate income individuals to obtain and retain safe and affordable homes and housing
  • Maximizing opportunities to leverage state and federal dollars
  • Increasing # of clients served by at least 10% as a result of improved technological infrastructure and resulting expansion of NIBC capacity

NIBC’s current programs and activities to support low to moderate income families include:

  • Collaborating with local government, organizations, and residents to improve access to housing and quality of neighborhoods
  • Securing Federal Home Loan Bank of Indiana dollars for the greater Battle Creek Community for home improvement and/or purchase (over $265,000 in 2021)
  • Providing financial literacy and home buyer education
  • Supporting and providing accessibility modifications
  • Loan servicing
  • Home rental for individuals with negative credit or rental histories
  • Transitional housing for survivors of domestic violence