Single Family Homes and Apartments

We strive to provide safe, affordable housing for our residents and our community. We have been doing this for 31 years for a very diverse clientele.

Check out our properties for listings of all houses currently for rent.


Rental Housing Forms

  • Rental Housing Application - link coming soon
  • Lead-Based Paint Pamphlet
  • Contact our Asset Management Specialist at (269) 968-1113 for information about homes we may have available.

Housing Counseling Agencies

  • Click here for a listing of HUD approved agencies that provide housing counseling.

Fair Housing

  • The right to being treated fairly belongs to everyone seeking a new home to own or lease or finance. The only way we can make things better for our families is if we report unfair practices. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is a great resource to better understand the issue when we encounter it. Click here for more information or to report suspected discrimination in housing. Locally, the Fair Housing Center of Southwest Michigan can help. Call them at (269) 962-5553 ext. 15.

Doing Business With Us

  • NIBC tries to do as much business as possible with locally-based companies. The biggest part of our work is our construction and remodeling of residential structures.
  • If you have an interest in being an approved contractor, please contact us at 269-968-1113