Community Engagement

Programming to support strong individuals, families, neighborhoods, and communities through engagement.


Real Estate Management

Home-ownership is the best method to stabilize families, neighborhoods, and the  community while securing your future.

Financial Services

Building partnerships, developing loan products, and support for your financing that will expand housing opportunities.


Education & Counseling

Helping people move up the ladder of financial fitness, freedom, security, happiness, and home-ownership.



Stable homes are the very foundation of a strong community. NIBC’s four program lines include education & counseling, real estate asset management, financial services, and community engagement, each catering to specific needs and interests of the community. Neighborhoods has affordable and exceptional, high quality housing opportunities that attract families to purchase and lease homes throughout the city. This, in turn, provides the workforce needed to retain industry and attract even more residents, jobs, and business to Battle Creek. It is a pattern and our passion, which shows in our proven results. As one of our home buyers said after her closing, “Let’s go home.” 


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Neighborhoods Incorporated of Battle Creek
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