Foreclosure Counseling

The economic crisis left people of all income levels facing the loss of their home. NIBC is an HUD-certified counseling center, helping people avoid foreclosure when at all possible. Counselors diagnose each individual’s situation, guide them through available options, and help them develop a customized plan for keeping them in their home.

If you have received a default notice from your lender you need to take action to develop a response. We understand the process of working with borrowers.

We coach you through the discussions with you lenders. If you want us to take it further, we will also represent you as your advocate, directly with your lender. Sometimes having us as a buffer in that process makes families more comfortable and better able to make the important choices that need to be made during the process.

The key is not waiting...act now if this process has already begun.


Family Financial Capabilities and Coaching

For some of us, keeping ourselves focused on managing our family finances is a challenge. Partnering with a family financial coach to help keep us focused and moving in the right direction is an excellent way to begin changing our financial behavior. NIBC is prepared to be that partner for families in the Battle Creek area. Our financial coaches are certified home ownership counselors by HUD.  Their expertise extends beyond just home ownership to an ability to train clients how to more effectively manage their family budgets and credit.

How does it work?

  • Attend the orientation session with our “coach” to get a better understanding of the process you are considering and what will be expected from you in order for us to help you achieve the optimal result.
  • You should be prepared to participate in this program for 18 to 24 months or until your personal goals are reached.
  • Following the orientation session, our coaches and staff will prepare you personal Action Plan that spells-out the areas of your personal financial picture that need support and also identifies the targeted outcome, such as moving your credit score up to 100 points, or accumulating a certain amount of savings or qualifying to obtain a mortgage to purchase a home.
  • The head of your household and spouse will meet 2–3 times a year to review your finances, credit and progress on your action plan.
  • There is no long-term obligation and all our services are free. Personal information is retained by us and only shared with our program partners that may also be working on your behalf.

You don’t have to navigate the challenging financial waters alone. We will be there with you until you reach your goals.

Call 269.968.1113 to set up a time to meet your new family financial coach.