Lead Safe Program (LSP)

About The Program

LSP is a lead-abatement grant funded by Michigan's Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) administered by the City of Battle Creek. In partnership with Community Action Agency of South-Central Michigan, LSP provides lead-abatement and/or interim controls in qualified residences free of charge (yes, we said "free") to the resident or the property owner and serves all of Calhoun County.

Click here for more information: https://www.battlecreekmi.gov/670/Lead-Safe-Program 

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To participate in LSP a family must have the following:

Child under 19 OR
Pregnant Woman AND
Enrolled in Medicaid AND

- Live in or frequent a home built before 1978 AND the home is in Calhoun County
**The residence DOES NOT have to be owner-occupied to qualify for LSP
**Some multi-family homes may qualify
**Priority is given to applicants with an Elevated Blood Lead Level (EBLL)

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